The Luca & Marano Team
Partners with SpinTopSigns

Joe Luca and Dawn Marano are one of ONLY two exclusive distributors of SpinTopSigns. This unique product was born in Phoenix Arizona. A mom and pop based business that has re-engineered the old Real Estate Sign into a work of art that will showcase the home on the inside, from the outside.

A SpinTopSign is a modern take on real estate “For Sale” signage! A cylinder sits atop the signpost and displays home images and information. A SpinTop holds 6 images. We select 4 home images of your choosing, as well as an informational sheet that displays the number of beds, baths, square footage and a short description of the property with our QR code that brings you right to the property listing with more information. Plus we add our preferred mortgage lender with a QR code to the lenders application in case a buyer needs financing.


It is an eye-catcher like no other, prospective buyers are enticed to come up for a closer look, spinning the sign manually to instantly see the most appealing aspects of your listing. SpinTopSigns have a solar-powered lid that enables them to light up from the interior at night, producing an elegant glow that won’t disturb neighbors, but will greatly increase the number of hours that you’re able to market your listing! Talk about marketing your property 24 hours a day from a real estate/street sign!

The company currently has a patent pending and had the first production run of the product in limited quantity in 2021, the product has shipped out and is expected to arrive in Fall 2021.


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If you’re interested in a rental/lease install of SpinTopSigns in RI, contact us for more information at 1-866-466-3761. We are finalizing plans for this new business model in late 2021/early 2022.

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